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Quran Reading With Tajweed (5 Days a Week)


Plan Cost : 85$


Millions of Muslims around the world read Holy Quran on a daily basis, whether in its original Arabic versions or in translated versions. For this reason, in five (5) complete days, Iqra Quran Academy provides a thorough account of its unique syntactic, semantic, phonetic, prosodic, pragmatic, and rhetorical features for just $85.


The intrinsically oral/aural character of the Qur’an is evident in its own use of a verbal-noun form, Qur’an, ‘reciting, recitation, and lection’ (from the verb qara’a, ‘to read aloud, recite’). Online Quran Learning will teach you how it is used to refer to:


1. The reciting aloud of the Qur’an (and hence to the art or science of doing this), and;


2. To a particular ‘reading’ of any qur’anic word or phrase, i.e., ‘variant’ reading of any element of the text. This is the sense in which it’s plural, qira’at, is used, to refer collectively to all the variant ‘readings’ of the Qur’an. We also teach you how Qira’a can also be used by extension for


3. A single ‘reading’ of the entire Qur’anic text according to one of the main traditions of oral transmission.


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