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Who are we?

Online Quran Learning is a great opportunity for those students who possess the zeal to study the Quran and its sciences in a short span of time. Now you can learn the Quran and its sciences from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. We are the leading producer of Quran tutoring. We use the internet to connect the student with live human Quran tutor by providing human touch to computer education. We help students learn to read in Arabic and understand the Quran.


Why choose Us?

Our aim is to provide the Quran teaching service to Muslim Ummah. We are the largest Quran Tutoring Academy and providing our services via the internet to all the muslims ummah in USA ,UK, Canada, Australia and other countries wih our well trained, well experienced faculty.Our Company employs all the activities that promote team work and this will get reflected in our success & learner satisfaction.


Benefits / Services

  • No Traveling/Driving
  • Well Qualified Tutors
  • Affordable fee for Regular Classes
  • Convenient and Flexible learning Environment
  • Learn While You Earn
  • Learn Self-Discipline



Who Can Learn?

Anyone with internet connection and  a computer can learn with us. We will walk you through how to download the simple Remote Desktop Screen program for interactive Live Quran Reading session with live Quran teacher. We invite you to take a free trial and become one of thousands of families that are pleased with our services for a small monthly fee.



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Our features

  • We Teach 24 Hours a day
  • Any of your convenient class timing is available
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed
  • Quran Memorization course
  • 3 Days Free Trial Class
  • Qualified Tutors